Cellier des Trois Pignes


Bernard Filisetti


Wine with a view of the future at Le Cellier des Trois Pignes

Born of the merger of the wineries La Ruche and La Bourgade in 1983, Le Cellier des Trois Pignes carries on a cooperative tradition that is more than 100 years old in Pignans.

We are working for the next generations

Some 50 cooperative members led by President Bernard Filisetti produce 7,000 hectolitres of wine each year on 180 hectares of land, more than 30 of which are dedicated to Notre-Dame des Anges wines.

The schist soil challenges the vine material, particularly as a result of climate change. This transformation can be felt here, with each passing season. These conditions do not however prevent the production of high-end rosé under the DGC, thanks to “in-house” expertise.

Built on a foundation of mostly Grenache, with some Syrah blended in, this pale rosé immediately conveys a sense of pink grapefruit”, Bernard Filisetti remarks. “Grown on lovely low-yield blocks, this wine is a perfect representation of the typicity of our terroir, in terms of its delicate aromatics and delightful long finish. It is full-bodied, plump and also flowery, with none of the aggressiveness of citrus.”

At the highest point of the Notre-Dame des Anges sanctuary, we have 360° views of the sea and the snow-capped mountains in winter. It’s truly unique, just like our wine…

Very involved in the collective process from the outset, the President of Le Cellier des Trois Pignes really appreciates the honour of recognition as a DGC. “With this new business identity, we are working for the next generations”, asserts Bernard Filisetti.


Like the others, we have our own identity within Côtes de Provence. It was very important to us to also show off this distinctiveness and also to communicate it to our customers with a special label”, Bernard explains.