Château Des Bertrands


Alexis Cornu

Winery Manager, Wine-maker & Oenologist

Delicacy is de rigueur at Château des Bertrands

The legacy of an old game preserve belonging to Jean-Baptiste Colbert (17th century), located in a Natura 2000 protected area, Château des Bertrands is an invitation on a journey back in time.

The DGC respects our topography and our differences

We are in the crystalline zone of the Plaine des Maures, with parts of the property below sea level and plenty of altered sandstone in the soil. This creates sandy earth with great filtering capacities”, explains Winery Manager Alexis Cornu.

That’s the secret behind the delicacy of our wines, and also their light mouthfeel, bearing in mind that the mineral salts are what provides the flavour, or the minerality. The DGC respects our topography and our differences, with the major challenges of promoting our terroir rosés and our vineyards’ styles and varieties. Because of all that, we absolutely support the Notre-Dame des Anges designation.”

For the time being, Rascas is the only wine chosen by Alexis Cornu for the Notre-Dame des Anges DGC. “We are targeting fine restaurants, and this wine, which emphasizes the pairing of terroir with varietals, is perfect for that kind of placement, and for the spirit of Notre-Dame des Anges, too. We primarily use Cinsault, blended with Grenache, plus a splash of Rolle to accentuate its paleness. The large proportion of Cinsault adds an extra layer to its initial finesse. Its main characteristics are its focus on fruit like peaches and pears, a touch of spice, delicate bitters and charming persistence.

He believes this strong personality fits perfectly with the DGC process. “The aim is to refine perceptions of each terroir. I have been campaigning for this for a like time, to overcome the stereotype that all rosé are interchangeable”, Alexis explains.

Featured wine from Côtes de Provence Notre-Dame des Anges

Château Des Bertrands

Rascas - Rosé

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Winery retail price: 22 € TTC
  • Varietals: Grenache 40%, Cinsault 40%, Rolle 10%, Divers 10%
  • Label: High Environmental Value, in the process of converting to Organic Farming
  • Colour: Pale pink
  • Nose: Intense and rich in exotic fruit (papaya) and ripe summer fruit (vineyard peach), underscored by a delicate woodiness from a very noble tradition
  • Mouthfeel: Fruit-forward, balanced by spice, delicately wrapped around the very fine structure as the wine’s finish is drawn out
  • Serving temperature: 12°C (cooler in the summer)
  • Cellaring: 2 years
  • Food pairings: Line sea bass sashimi with pink peppercorn or steamed salmon with timut pepper

Tasting notes:

Rascas is a rare wine, crafted through the meticulous selection of the best juices and partially matured in the choicest barrels. It is only produced after the best growing years.