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Paul Bernard


The eMbodiment of Château Matheron

At Château Matheron, Paul Bernard is the face of the seventh generation of wine-makers in his family. In 1992, he took over the reins of this vineyard in Vidauban, which he then converted to his style and his vision.

It’s an opportunity to surpass yourself

The Notre-Dame des Anges DGC potentially covers 7 hectares here, straddling various blocks, although the choice was made to focus on just 1 hectare to launch this high-end segment. “I decided to concentrate on rosé. We already had a very popular Prestige red. It now has a little sister in the form of the M’ Prestige Notre-Dame des Anges rosé, which is the perfect addition to our entry-level and mid-range rosés. That rosé undergoes a special vinification technique, particularly in terms of skin maceration, which is characteristic of its identity. It’s a wine that is meant to be enjoyed with food – even fine cuisine. It is made primarily of Tibouren (50%), Grenache (40%) and a splash of Syrah (10%).”

Featuring a beautiful salmon pink colour, a little more intense than in some of the region’s other, paler rosés. Its nose is long but not too explosive, and the body is full, with great density. It is evocative of berries, such as raspberries.

Paul Bernard considers the move to a DGC to be a “form of progress in the wine-maker’s work. It’s an opportunity to surpass yourself. We have all been working hard on our wines for years. And now this wine also offers a chance to inject even more quality but also to explain it all to our customers and, at the same time, to tell them all about our history, that of the vineyard and even the history of rosé wine in Provence. People want to get to know and understand the terroir. We talk about the weather and its connection to the terroir, to provide a better illustration of what makes our wines stand out within the Côtes de Provence AOC that unites us, which is how the Notre-Dame des Anges DGC earned its stripes.

We didn’t want a DGC just to have a DGC. It’s really a factor that helps consumers understand what they buy and drink…” Paul adds.

Featured wine from Côtes de Provence Notre-Dame des Anges

Château Matheron

M' Prestige Notre-Dame des Anges - Rosé

  • Vintage: 2022
  • Winery retail price: 11 € TTC
  • Varietals: Tibouren 50%, Grenache 40%, Syrah 10%
  • Label: Integrated agriculture
  • Colour: Light salmon pink, a gleaming colour with deep purple glints
  • Nose: Berries like raspberry and redcurrant
  • Mouthfeel: Fresh and delicate, the aromas of the nose evolve into notes of pink grapefruit and blackcurrant
  • Serving temperature: 10-11°C
  • Cellaring: 2 years
  • Food pairings: White meat or grilled king prawns

Tasting notes:

Its glistening light salmon pink colour with glints of deep purple will bewitch you as it pulls you into a wide variety of aromas and fragrances. The fine, fresh attack is reminiscent of berries like raspberry and redcurrant, which then evolve into notes of pink grapefruit and blackcurrant. Your palate will be fascinated by the smooth, fresh sensations, spiced up by a touch of character.