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Château Reillanne


Guillaume de Chevron Villette

Wine-maker & Oenologist

Château Reillanne is proud of its colours

An old family property dating back to Jean-Baptiste Colbert (17th century), Château Reillanne is located at the epicentre of both the Plaine des Maures National Nature Reserve and the Notre-Dame des Anges DGC.

It allows us to develop our high-end segment

With two wineries in the Permian basin, characterized by siliceous clay soil and a restrictive climate with substantial fluctuations in temperature, “we are a big producer for the designation, making close to 700 hectolitres of DGC wine”, indicates the owner Guillaume de Chevron Villette, referring to his 140 hectolitres of red and 550 hectolitres of rosé.

We have a shared programme”, the wine-maker goes on, “in the form of this additional terroir designation, which presents our identity to the general public. And that’s just who we are. Our DGC emerged after others but in the same spirit. We regretted not having our own, not being able to show who we are. Even though it means reducing our production, it also allows us to develop our high-end segment of wines”, he explains.

Grenache and Syrah are the preferred varietals in a lovely red, matured in vats according to traditional methods, with delicate notes of berries enhanced by a long finish. The time it spends in barrels is dependent on each vintage’s capacity in terms of strength. On the rosé side, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and a dash of Rolle express all the virtues of this colour of wine grown from the specific terroir of Gonfaron/Pignans. “It is truly an authentic Provence wine, from the heart of the Var department, and characteristic of the region. It is chiefly floral, with a few hints of fresh citrus, as well as an aromatic array that is pleasing yet not explosive, and plenty of viscosity that makes you want to take another sip and another, without ever tiring of it”, Guillaume de Chevron Villette proclaims with expansive pride.

Most of us are local to the area, real wine-makers who love our land, our terroir and our region”, adds Guillaume.

Featured wine from Côtes de Provence Notre-Dame des Anges

Château Reillanne

Château Reillanne

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Winery retail price: 10.9 € TTC
  • Varietals: Grenache 67 %, Cinsault 21 %, Syrah 10 %, Rolle 10 %
  • Label: High Environmental Value, Terra Vitis
  • Colour: Light pink
  • Nose: Predominantly floral (honeysuckle) with fruity hints of mirabelle plums and tinned peaches
  • Mouthfeel: Invigorating and pleasantly persistent against a backdrop of mild spices, with a mineral, saline finish featuring white fruit
  • Serving temperature: 8-10°C
  • Cellaring: 1 year
  • Food pairings: Cocktail nibbles, grilled meat, or fish

Tasting notes:

Light pink colour. Subtle bouquet with notes of berries, juicy mango and citrus fruit. Silky and invigorating on the palate, with a touch of rich flavour and a berry finish.