Domaine de la Fouquette


Isabelle et Jean-Pierre Daziano


Domaine La Fouquette, a branch on the DGC family tree

Domaine La Fouquette is a family venture, handed down from generation to generation. Since 2004, it has been in the hands of the third generation, in the person of Isabelle and her husband Jean-Pierre Daziano.

Rosés are terroir wines

They both completely changed their lives, switching from medicine and biomedical research to cultivating this “home” land in Les Mayons, a pretty little village in the Maures part of Provence. Their future shifted to a rural one, in the world of wine, with a dedication to organic cultivation beginning in 2010, and served by a rich terroir and continental climate.

The DGC process, which we launched as a group more than 10 years ago, was motivated by a desire to prove that rosés are also terroir wines, with their own history and special characteristics, depending on the location. It stands for a commitment made by wine-makers. Our application’s approval by the INAO [French Institute of Origin and Quality] represents recognition of the quality of our wine and is an opportunity to upgrade our products within the Côtes de Provence AOC, as some of our other fellow DGCs have already done in the region.”

Although all the blocks could produce Notre-Dame des Anges DGC wine, the proprietors chose to set their sights on their Pierres de Moulin rosé wine, a blend of traditional varietals – Grenache (45%), Syrah (30%) and Cinsault (25%) – in a light peach pink colour, with a bouquet of exotic and citrus fruit that carries through to the palate in a lovely, fresh combination. Elegant harmony between acidity and alcohol, punctuated by pleasing bitterness at the finish. They also chose their only red, Bonne Chère, for the NDA DGC. It is powerful, generous and tannic, giving full expression to the fruitiness of the primary varietal Syrah, with Grenache and Carignan further complementing the wine.

The combined influence of the Permian basin and the Plaine des Maures leads to significant temperature fluctuations, between extreme cold in the winter and extreme dryness in the summer, allowing us to produce a fantastic range of balanced wines”, Jean-Pierre explains.

Featured wine from Côtes de Provence Notre-Dame des Anges

Domaine de la Fouquette

Pierre de Moulins - Rosé

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Winery retail price: 10.5 € TTC
  • Varietals: 30% Syrah, 45% Grenache, 25% Cinsault
  • Label: Organic Farming
  • Colour: Pale salmon pink
  • Nose: Intense and complex, with notes of citrus and white fruit
  • Mouthfeel: A fresh attack evolving into a balanced finish with pleasant aromas of white and citrus fruit, featuring a mouth-watering, slightly bitter aftertaste
  • Serving temperature: 8-10°C
  • Cellaring: 2 years
  • Food pairings: Sea scallop carpaccio or squid salad

Tasting notes:

A pretty, pale salmon pink colour. The bouquet is expressive and complex. The mouthfeel is balanced, with a fresh attack shifting into aromatic notes of white and citrus fruit. A slightly bitter, mouth-watering finish that lingers on the palate.